Monday, January 18, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing and I'm trying to keep up with it fairly regularly. So, I decided what better idea for a post than my favorite handmade items that I got this past year!

Indian Blue Feather Headband, from Stix And Jones-

I wasn't sure how well I would pull this headband off, but I thought it looked gorgeous, reminded me of something a flapper might wear in the 1920's. Although it's a very bold accessory, it's classy- not flashy. It is a very beautiful hair piece, and I have gotten many compliments on it.

Divine Cha-Cha Heels Magnet, from Picard Creative-

The day I found Picard Creative on Etsy, I fell in love immediately. Seriously! Her shop is honestly one of my absolute favorites, I just adore everything she makes. I love the mixed-media style of her work - the glamorous pinups, old Hollywood stars, and humorous photos, paired with witty phrases. And, her magnet are made of recycled tin can lids! How cool is that?! Magnets isn't the only thing she makes. She also has bookmarks, checkbook covers, and lots of other items in her shop. Oh, and she does custom items!

End Mass Production Womens T-Shirt, from DeadWorry-

My boyfriend got this one for me for Christmas. I found it on Etsy one day and ended up wanting to get it for months. I have always loved creating things and been very much a Do-It-Yourself kinda gal, and then I started selling on Etsy in November. So finding (and owning) this shirt just made perfect sense!

"She Couldn't Be Good" Glass Pendant Necklace, from Laughing Vixen Lounge-

I love pinups, so I thought this pendant was fabulous the second I saw it. Laughing Vixen sells glass pendants, charm bracelets, bubble bracelets, and charmed pendants. She has quite a bit of retro style pinup and pulp stuff. But that's not all she sells - check her out!

Coco Lavender 4 oz. Massage Candle, from YumYumCandles-

I am usually weary of scented items over the internet because you can never know exactly how the product smells. Also, I had never tried massage candles before. In theory, it sounded great- I like lavender, candles, and massages...And when I got it and tried it out, it was totally great! Their Coco Lavender scent is so good. It isn't super potent, it's a really comforting smell. They describe it on their site as "A mix of lavender & vanilla with hints of coconut & musk." Let me just say that the term "musk" usually scares me off, because any time I have ever smelled anything with a musk tone it usually has a VERY strong smell. The notes in this scent are very subtle, and it all comes together wonderfully to form a very nice, cozy scent. Also, if you like the smell of drier sheets or warm laundry, I suggest you try their Clean Massage Candle.


Laughing Vixen Lounge said...

Thanks so much for listing me along with all these fabulous shops! 8)