Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Handmade soap from Soap Deli.

This past week I won a giveaway on the Soap Deli blog for a gift certificate to the Soap Deli. Etsy shop. As anyone who shops or sells on Etsy knows, there are a TON of handmade soap shops on Etsy. . . I just happened to be lucky enough to win some products from this one! Not only was Rebecca, owner of Soap Deli. very prompt to answer any questions I had about products and how to redeem my gift certificate, but she shipped the package promptly, too! Oh, and she there in a few extra samples for me, as well. Now that's great customer service!

I have nothing but good things to say about Rebecca and her shop. I would totally recommend her soap to anyone, she sells goats milk, sea salt, and VEGAN SOAPS! I am a total animal lover, so when the fact that she sells vegan products totally appeals to me. And vegan or not, they smell great! Oh, and her soaps also happen to be great for dry skin and eczema. Since it's summer I don't really have any dry skin trouble, but I do have eczema - though it shows up rarely, and I think more often in the winter, it's nice to know that her soap not only smells great, but also has benefits for my skin! But that's enough boasting about how great her shop is, and on to what I ordered from her. . .

I ordered:
  1. Falling for You - cocoa butter and shea, cold process VEGAN soap - A light scent. The word "delicate" comes to mind. According to her page: "an alluring blend of Lemon Peel, Vanilla, Musk, and Mandarin." Sounds about right! Not overpowering, which is always a concern for me when ordering scented products online. She also says it is great as a facial bar, or an all-over soap, which I could totally see why this would make a great facial soap bar. I have used facial scrubs for years, and have only used body washes, not bar soaps for too long to remember now- but, this is definitely something that could change that. Also, according to feedback from one customer, it is also great as a shampoo bar. Plus, my boyfriend who tends to like Old Spice and Axe, typically mens bath product scents, loved this one, just to give you an idea that it's not an overtly feminine smell by any means; could definitely be a unisex product.
2. Raspberry and Vanilla - cocoa butter and shea, cold process VEGAN soap - The description list it as "a soft yet fruity blend of raspberry, plum, and vanilla". I love vanilla, I love raspberries figured I couldn't go wrong, and I didn't. Not too sweet, not too strong. Accroding to one buyers feedback for this soap: "So far your soaps have been the best for my very dry skin out of the natural ones that I've tried! Thanks again!"

3. Lemon and Poppyseed cold process soap, ALL NATURAL. VEGAN - Like lemon poppy seed muffins? Of course you do! Who doesn't. This soap is scented like a fresh, tasty batch of those muffins. Only in this case, you get to have a nice, clean lemon scent and the poppy seeds exfoliate your skin!

4. Red Velvet Cake, shea butter and goat's milk cold process soap - "My handmade Red Velvet Cake Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soap is a delicious combination of dark chocolate, strawberry syrup, and red currant, cocoa powder, sugar cane and vanilla." The name and description sold me on this one. I am totally a fan of red velvet cake...Well, I am a fan of cake..Okay, a fan of confections in general. I LIKE SWEETS. lol But here was my concern with this one before I order it - I must admit, I was worried when I saw dark chocolate and cocoa powder as notes. Simply because every time, except for maybe one or two ever, that I have seen ANYTHING supposed chocolate scented it would only smell NOTHING like chocolate, but it would usually make me feel sick. I can't quite describe the smell those prodcuts would have, but they were always bad, so now I tend to veer away from them. And I know that's a problem quite a few of my friends and other people I've run into have had, so they don't go for chocolate scents either- not because they don't like chocolate, but because they don't like the weird faux-chocolate, off-putting, kind-of-like-dirt-but-more-metallic smell. lol
BUT FEAR NOT! THIS IS NOT THE CASE IN THIS TASTY, RED VELVET SOAP! Though, I didn't immediately think of chocolate when I smelled this soap. It definitely smells sweet and cake-like, but like her other products not at all overpowering. As in, you wouldn't get a tooth ache from smelling this.

So that's what I ordered....but that is not all! Yes, the lovely Rebecca also included 3 samples!

She included a...
- Lemon Lavender cold process she butter soap - My boyfriend wants this one. Badly. lol As he put it, "It smells like health food store. I want it." Lavender can be a really heavy off putting scent in some instances, or a really relaxing, light scent. In this case, it's the latter. Not too strong, just right. Worth buying, if you like lavender, lemon, or calming scents.

- Natural Patchouli shea butter cold process soap, ALL NATURAL - I love patchouli, but in most cases it is a STRONG smell. Typically if you walk into a room wearing patchouli, everyone will know it. From across the room. In this case, the soap stays true to the smell of patchouli (as it is made with 100% natural patchouli essential oil), but it is not overpowering. Patchouli lovers and hippies rejoice!

- Red Velvet Cake goat milk lotion - I had told her after ordering my soaps that I wished I could have ordered a bottle of her red velvet cake, but that I only saw it in $20 full-size bottles. And I wished she had samples of it available, because I didn't want to buy that then not be able to try as many soaps and scents. She was kind enough to include a VERY generous 2 oz. sample of this lotion in with my order - which I am very thankful for. It will last me a while for sure. It smells just like a sweet, cake confection. But I love it most because I can't smell it from 10 ft. away, it's a perfectly light sweetness. Just as any fragrance should be. Not greasy, perfect. Everything you would want in a lotion. I put a bit on my hands this afternoon, they still feel moisturized and smell just like red velvet cake.

My Soap Deli swag:

Just in case this post didn't give you an idea of how great her products and service are, check out her Etsy feedback- she has 2632 sales! Of that she has received ZERO negative feedback, ONE neutral feedback, and 2460 positive feedback. I rest my case.



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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pinup shoes!

Okay, so this post may not pertain to handmade wares- BUT my reader know, I am a huge fan of retro/Burlesque/pinup style. So, imagine my delight when I found this giveaway on Review Retreat!

They are hosting a giveaway offering the chance for one lucky reader to win any 1 pair of shoes from of their choosing! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

They offer a wide variety of heels (sooo many heels!), flats, platforms, and boots. They have shoes for women, men, and children- and some unisex shoes, too. The giveaway closes July 12th, so check it out while there is still time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr.Sogs (via Familylicious)

I was skimming through the blog-o-sphere this morning and found this great review (AND giveaway) on the Familylicious blog. - click here to check it out -

Upon reading the review and seeing all of the adorable pictures that were posted, I immediately fell in love with Mr.Sogs creatures.

I checked out his Etsy shop and loved every bit of what I found. Strange little plush creatures. According to his shop announcement:
"All the creatures from Mr. Sogs are handmade and every creature is two of a kind with an identical twin so that none of them will ever be lonely. Every pair is unique and can be adopted as a pair or individually."
How cute!

Definitely check out the review on Familylicious, and have a look at his Etsy shop- filled with bunnies, and Penguins, and Creatures; Sea Suckers, OddVarks, and Orbs! You're guaranteed to find a strange, new friend to love.