Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lena Quist

If you haven't heard about Lena Quist, it's about time you do.

Lena sells all kinds of fabulous and outrageous clothing...which is right up my alley!
You can check out here Etsy shop and see all of her lovely creations, like these

Lace Up, Stay Ups

or these Lightning Leggings

and how about these studded and chain fringed shoulder pads
A lot of her stuff has glam rock style to it, and is definitely for those who aren't afraid to be a little grandiose.
For those of you who are fans of Kat Von D, she was recently spotted in a pair of Lena Quist silver cross leggings (which are available here).
Having the typical college-student budget, these are a little out of my price range, but if you're like me you can always save up, add them to your Etsy favorites for later, or just covet from afar. Either way, Lena is sure to be one of the next big brands in alternative fashion.
...and if you don't know, now you know.