Friday, June 18, 2010

Mr.Sogs (via Familylicious)

I was skimming through the blog-o-sphere this morning and found this great review (AND giveaway) on the Familylicious blog. - click here to check it out -

Upon reading the review and seeing all of the adorable pictures that were posted, I immediately fell in love with Mr.Sogs creatures.

I checked out his Etsy shop and loved every bit of what I found. Strange little plush creatures. According to his shop announcement:
"All the creatures from Mr. Sogs are handmade and every creature is two of a kind with an identical twin so that none of them will ever be lonely. Every pair is unique and can be adopted as a pair or individually."
How cute!

Definitely check out the review on Familylicious, and have a look at his Etsy shop- filled with bunnies, and Penguins, and Creatures; Sea Suckers, OddVarks, and Orbs! You're guaranteed to find a strange, new friend to love.


Crystal said...

I Love the creatures. I've seen other companies doing the similar idea yet these are remarkable. Really enjoying your blog!